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This clip is from Crooked Finger, my one-hour comedy special that aired on Showtime.  Perhaps it's because my heritage is English, but I find their ability to remain staid and reserved under the most harrowing of circumstances absolutely hysterical.





Trombone God

When I was a school kid, rather than take auto shop, metal shop, wood shop, or any other kind of useful shop class, I spent thousands of hours playing the trombone.  Now, as an adult, I can't fix my car, can't weld my truck, can't build my own cabinet, but can I still play trombone?  Nope.  Can't do that either.





How women are wired

This clip is from Crooked Finger as well.  Here I try to explain at least one area where women have it easier than men... in my opinion.







Every comedian has the one bit that made them famous.  This is the bit that opened the doors for me at Comedy Central, which for a comedian is someone letting you through the pearly gates.  The bit was inspired by the constant use of the phrase "Addicted to Oil" in the mainstream media.





Olympic Bowling

A lot of people think I made this story up.  It's absolutely true.. Thank you Iowa for your fine sports broadcasting traditions.  You all deserve gold medals.  This is another clip from my Showtime comedy spcial Crooked Finger.