A-Mur-Can :: Ladies 100% Cotton Softstyle (these run small)

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A Mur-Can Shirt

Okay. So. I couldn't decide between A-Mur-Can and A-Merry-Can. I think Mur-Can is funnier, but my girlfriend thinks A-Merry-Can is "happier". As a result I had to make room in my garage for both. So you can decide what suits you. It's ironic that what is supposed to be a fun apolitical design for a supposedly "divided" nation, now has two options so we an all take a side. I still think a Mur-Can shirt is funnier. Especially when next to a Can-a-DUH, because when you combine them you get Duh-Mur. But I do also have to agree that A-Merry-Can is probably the "happiest" of the three.

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